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equipping men and women of faith to live boldly for Christ

Find rest for your soul and inspiration for your daily walk with God. 

Throughout the year, Cedar Springs hosts a variety of camps and retreats for adults. We facilitate opportunities to get away from the stresses of everyday life and connect with God and others through in-depth study of the Word (featuring incredible speakers from around the country!) and quality fellowship time in our beautiful facilities and 117 acres of wooded forest. Check out our list of camps and retreats below, and join us for an event to refresh your spirit and rejuvenate your soul.

2018 Adult Camp & Retreats

  • Man Camp

    April 27 - 29 2018

    What’s the most important thing in this life?  You have 70 years or so to make a difference.  What kind of legacy, if any, will you leave behind?  This year’s theme is Focus because often times men go through life fulfilling the desires of the day, not planning long term.  But we should have an eternal perspective. Each of us will stand before our Savior one day to give an account for how we used the time we had on this earth.  How will you respond to His question?

    Come join us for an inspiring look into our legacy.

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  • Family Retreat  

    July 18-22 2018

    "Re-Focus" is the theme for this years Family Retreat and refocus is just what we are doing.  We started with the name, changing it from Camp to Retreat to better reflect what it's all about.  The schedule has changed and we are "Refocusing" on family time and activities.  Our focal point for spiritual growth will be during the evening worship services.  Come, bring your family and see what's new as we Refocus on family time together. 

    Family Retreat Brochure

    Registration opening Feb 9th

  • Young Adult Retreat

    June 22 - 24, 2018

    Ages 18 - 30

    Are you thinking about your legacy yet?  You should be!

    What kind of legacy, if any, will you leave behind when Jesus calls you home?


    This year’s theme is Focus because often people go through life fulfilling the desires of the day, not planning long term.  Do you want to have the biggest possible impact you can have in this world for Jesus?  During this weekend we will bring into focus some of the habits and hobbies that distract us from our relationship with Jesus and how they affect the legacy we leave behind. 

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  • Women's Retreat

    Date Pending in October

    Our 50th Anniversary theme this year is FOCUS.  Details on the Women's Retreat will be coming soon. 

    Information coming soon